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How to comfort a crying baby?

The crying of a baby can cause a lot of anxiety for a young and inexperienced mother. The situation gets even more complicated when we cross out all possible factors contributing to the baby's stress. If the baby is fed, changed, doesn't have tummy problems, and has enough closeness, maybe recreating the conditions he knows from fetal life will be comforting?

Longing for the coziness of mom's belly

The first weeks after the baby is born are quite difficult for him. Getting used to completely new living conditions away from the warm and tight mother's belly is a great challenge, and the baby might show its' anxiety by crying.

A simple and practical solution to such a problem can be a swaddle blanket, with which we can quickly wrap the child and keep it warm and safe. According to a renowned American pediatrician, Dr. Karp, a tight wrap is an excellent method for ensuring a peaceful sleep for children under three months. It will help the baby find itself in the new environment and gradually get used to unlimited movement freedom.

The swaddle blankets available on the market aren't only comforting for the newborns and helping them adapt to the new conditions. It's also a great help for young mothers. A swaddle made of cotton gives good support to a fragile baby's body and makes it much easier to lift or feed a baby.

Safety is in quality.

When deciding on a baby swaddle, we should consider not only its usefulness or pretty design but also quality and safety - like with any other baby product. Swaddles should be getting in qualified stationery or online stores, which can specify the exact parameters of the product, all materials used, and show appropriate safety and quality certificates.

A child's birth is a turning point in life both for the parents and the child itself. To give both parties safety and psychological comfort, it's worth to use proven methods that will support the family in the first months. One of such ways is replacing a regular blanket with a baby swaddle.

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