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Ring Swing - Ecru

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Do you want your kids to have great fun?
Our swing is the perfect solution. Going a step further and wanting to keep up with the proper development of your little ones, Guguplanet would like to present you another novelty, which is RingSwing. It is a swing that will be a great successor to VelvetSwing and will serve as a source of great fun for years to come.

Apart from the beautiful appearance of RingSwing, its greatest advantage is that the exercises on this swing provide many sensory experiences, strengthen the balance reactions and stimulate the appropriate muscle tone.

  • Seat dimensions: 35 cm
  • Child's age: 3+ (use only under adult supervision)
  • Load: 50 kg
Ring Swing encourages you to play!
Unfortunately, the latest research by the World Health Organization alarms that only 20% of children in our country meet the criteria for daily physical activity, which should last at least one hour a day.

The vast majority of children lead a largely sedentary lifestyle. By deciding to buy RingSwing, you give your child a good argument and motivation to act, move and play creatively. Swings of this type are used for sensory integration therapy because they are suitable for stimulating the vestibular, tactile and prioceptive systems, and through various exercises also visual functions.