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NewBorn Swing Cradle - Dark grey

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Guguplanet constantly researches the needs of its most demanding customers, who are children.

Willing provide them with the best possible development, constantly expanding its knowledge and improving its offer with innovative ones solutions.

This time, wanting to reconcile the soothing effect of swinging with safe and deep sleep, proposes a NewBorn Swing suspended cradle in beautiful colors. It is a solution that does not only supports the intellectual and emotional development of the child, but looks unique in every interior, while bringing a moment of respite to tired parents.
  • Inside dimensions: +/- 80x40x32cm
  • Child's age: 0-6 months (use only under adult supervision)
  • Load: 15 kg
  • Hooks are included
Two words that describe our cradle: closeness and restful sleep!
Rocking is a quiet, regular movement that your baby associates with prenatal activity. This is why it has a soothing effect on the child's well-being and its proper development.

Thanks to the harmonious rocking, the baby gains greater awareness of his body and senses. It strengthens muscles, coordinates movements, and acquires faster motor skills responsible for the sense of balance. Research also shows that rocking has a beneficial effect on the development of speech and auditory perception in many children.