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Bamboo Blanket MINI ZOO grey large

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The perfect blanket from the first days to two years old.

For walks, to the stroller, to the crib ... wherever we want to wrap our baby and protect him from the cold, while providing him with comfort and natural breathability

Composition: 50% bamboo, 50% cotton
Size: 110x150 cm
Colour: grey

Stimulating the baby's development
A layette that stimulates the development of the baby? THIS HAPPENED! The educational value and supporting the child's development are attributed to all kinds of contrasting toys or books, but not to everyday use textiles. And here we will POSITIVELY surprise you! By creating The first Contrasting layette for a baby MINI ZOO we used all the available knowledge of scientists regarding the development of babies.

Thanks to this, we know how important daily eye stimulation is for the proper development of the ability to focus attention, the ability to recognize the environment, and thus to strengthen the child's sense of security. Even a few minutes of contact of a baby with contrasting objects can extend the attention span from 5 to 45 minutes, e.g. during feeding. Scientists say that such stimulation clearly affects the child's inner peace. Thanks THE BABY'S FIRST CONTRAST LAYOUT you will always have accessories for exercising with your child at hand.

Quality and safety
You want to take care of your baby in the best possible way. Be sure that you surround them not only with love, but also with items of the highest quality and safe for their health. You are looking for a delicate-to-touch layette for your baby that will not cause allergies to his skin.

The quality of our products is ensured by the internal Quality Department, and the layette elements have obtained the OEKO-TEX ® STANDARD 100 Certificate.
This means that all products have been tested by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology and obtained its approval.

So you, as a parent, can be sure that when you buy a MINI ZOO layette, you surround your little one with the highest quality items.

You are an informed parent and consumer. You well understand that each of your purchasing decisions has a huge impact on the environment. Therefore, you make sure that every item you buy is needed, will serve you for years, be biodegradable and not burden the environment.

The natural properties of BAMBOO, the method of its cultivation and its rapid growth mean that the negative impact on the environment, measured e.g. with water consumption, is 50% lower compared to the water consumption in cotton production. We encourage you to learn about the ecological potential of bamboo. Thanks to the use of bamboo, we minimize the negative impact of textiles on the environment.

Just beautiful
The need to surround oneself with beautiful objects is natural for every human being. We understand perfectly when you want your baby's accessories to be simply pretty and to match you and your interior.

For the sake of being close to beauty, we cooperate with the best fabric designers, graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts. They create unique patterns for us, which you can see in the form of ready-made layette elements.

How to care for the product?
machine wash at 40 °, gentle program
do not use bleach,
drying in a tumble dryer, gentle program
do not dry in direct sunlight,
we recommend washing before first use,
after taking it out of the washing machine, shake it well so that the terry loops rise and take in air, then after drying the towel will be fluffy
Avoid using softeners and those containing soda ash.

Washing recipe
As a result of intensive use and frequent washing, bamboo products may wear out - the fabric may puff or puff. This type of wear does not constitute grounds for complaint.