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Newborn swing 3in1 Pink

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Provide your little one with a cosy rest or great fun. The 3in1 newborn swing is a product that combines three functions: a cradle, a rocker and a swing. With its help, you can easily calm your toddler when needed or provide great fun while swinging together.
Product specification:
  • Minimum age: 2 months +
  • Maximum load: 25 kg,
  • Seat material: quilted velvet fabric
  • Insert and duvet: cotton with polyester filling
  • Dimensions: 38x30x60 cm (width x depth x height)
  • Equipped with safety belts
  • Frame material: wood
  • Strong cotton ropes
  • Ropes length: 180 cm (we can adjust the rope's length to your needs)
  • Product to be used under adult supervision
  • Hooks are included
  • Made in Poland
The swaying movements soothe newborn
Cradling or rocking has a positive effect on calming the baby down. The child associates it with the mother's belly – a warm and safe place.
A newborn swing can be a simple help with calming a tearful wave.
Safe play that stimulates proper development
Swinging has a positive effect on sensory integration (combining the senses). Thanks to this activity, many senses are stimulated at the same time, which helps to integrate them. Our 3-in-1 newborn swing has wooden balls that allow the child to develop manual skills.
When the baby stimulates its senses the parent can calmly participate in the play. The product has special seat belts that keep the toddler in place even in moments of uncontrolled and energetic excitement.
2 freebies for your little one's comfort
We want every little customer - even the most demanding - to be satisfied. That is why, in addition to our baby swing, we add a soft insert and a quilt for free! These nice accessories will make fun together and ensure unparalleled comfort.