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Baby secure indoor swing Beige

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The Guguplanet velvet indoor swing is a compromise between safety and fun, as well as universal and extraordinary design. It is a product that is distinguished by a well-thought-out design, ensuring reliability, which is a source of fun for both younger and slightly older children. At Guguplanet, we take an uncompromising approach to the product development process.

Product Specifications:

  • Maximum load: 20 kg
  • Seat dimensions: 35 x 35 x 45 cm
  • Equipped with safety belts
  • Frame material: wood
  • Seat material: quilted velvet fabric
  • Strong cotton ropes
  • Ropes length: 180 cm (we can adjust the rope's length to your needs)
  • Product to be used under adult supervision
  • Product intended for children over six months of age
  • Hooks are included
  • Made in Poland

The highest quality of security

Our product has solutions that ensure the highest quality of safety while playing. The safety belts and high backrest prevent falling out of the swing's basket during play.
Strong cotton ropes and two solid metal hoops ensure a secure assembly.

The Guguplanet velvet indoor swing - creative but still safe

There is absolutely no room for boredom in a house where you can hear little feet stamping! Children require creativity from their parents, which results in interesting, yet educational games. However, the caregivers of untamed toddlers can count on a moment of relief, thanks to the Guguplanet velvet indoor swing, which not only provides children with entertainment, but above all supports their overall physical development.
Steady, safe rocking has a calming effect on infants and stimulates older children. It supports their proper body posture and at the same time cares for the nervous system, exercising balance and motor coordination. The swing does not encumber the spine or pelvis, and thanks to a special insert it can be a stable seat for infants.

For the love of children, with concern for design

Although our offer primarily serves children, we are well aware that accessories created with the youngest in mind should also appeal to adults. Guguplanet velvet indoor swings are therefore synonymous with style in a versatile version. The ramarkable look is based on elaborate details, for example in the form of the insert with teddy bear ears or the tassels. It is also worth paying attention to the wood and cotton ropes on which the entire structure is based. These materials take care not only of the stability of the swing, but also of aesthetic considerations. Both wood and ropes will complement any arrangement, easily fitting into the climate of minimalist, modern, as well as loft and classic interiors.

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