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Baby swings

Introducing our versatile Baby and Twins Swing Collection, designed to offer both fun and security for your little ones.

This carefully curated selection features baby swings, baby secure indoor swings, twins secure indoor swings, twins swings, wooden swings, waterproof baby swings, and outdoor baby swings, perfect for providing hours of entertainment and development support for your children.

Our Guguplanet Velvet Indoor Swing is a top choice for parents seeking a balance between safety and entertainment for their children. Crafted with a maximum load capacity of 20 kg, this swing is suitable for children over six months of age. Its wooden frame, quilted velvet fabric seat, and strong cotton ropes ensure durability and comfort, while the adjustable rope length allows for a customized fit. Safety features such as belts and a high backrest keep your child secure, and the elegant design fits seamlessly into various interior styles.

For families with twins or siblings close in age, our Guguplanet Twins Swing offers double the fun without compromising safety. Supporting a maximum load of 30 kg, this swing features a quilted velvet fabric seat, wooden frame, and sturdy cotton ropes. The removable insert offers additional support for younger children, while the charming design details, such as teddy bear ears and tassels, make it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

Lastly, our Waterproof Secure Baby Swing provides peace of mind for parents, ensuring the highest quality of safety for their little ones. Designed for children over six months of age, this swing can support up to 20 kg and is made with a reinforced waterproof fabric seat that is dirt-resistant and easy to clean. Additional safety features include belts, a high backrest, and strong cotton ropes for secure assembly. With various colors available, you can easily match this swing to your home decor.

Explore our Baby and Twins Swing Collection to find the perfect indoor or outdoor swing for your family, ensuring your children's safety, comfort, and enjoyment while promoting their physical development and overall well-being.