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Safe products for babies – what should you look for

Completing a layette for a newborn is an incredibly enjoyable and relaxing task. At this moment, couples realize that they will welcome a new family member, and picking cute baby bodies or rompers helps them get into the new role. Future parents not only want their child to look good, but also to wear comfortable and safe clothing. What should you pay attention to to make sure the picked products are comfortable and, above all, safe for newborns?

Safe materials

While tulle skirts can certainly tug on a young mother’s heartstrings, such clothes should be left when the child grows up a bit. For babies, it’s much better to pick clothes made of soft and comfortable 100% cotton. Not only is this fabric entirely natural, but it’s also resistant to high temperatures in which baby clothes are usually washed.

Look for a source you can trust

Baby product safety doesn’t depend only on the quality of fabrics and the baby accessories manufacturers’ words. When choosing clothes, bedding, baby wraps, or sleeping bags for the youngest children, it’s essential to look for places where we can be sure we will get high-quality products. One of the main factors should be finding out the country of production of each of the layette elements.

The prices of products from the far east might be very tempting, but low prices can also mean questionable quality, so purchasing baby clothes using a well-known Chinese website is not the best idea. If we care about safety, it’s far better to choose goods from the European Union, which has strict regulations on baby products’ safety.

Besides EU production, there are also other indicators of quality when it comes to baby textiles. A useful indicator is the Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificates, which confirms the high quality of all materials used and the lack of harmful substances.

Every parent wants to give their child a sense of security from the first moments. But safety is not only coming from proper care or mother’s warm arms but also high-quality baby accessories.

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