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Pillow filling for a pregnant woman - which one to choose? - guguplanet

Pillow filling for a pregnant woman - which one to choose?

A pregnancy pillow might seem like an unnecessary gadget, but in reality, it’s a must-have item for all pregnant women. Since it’s a multifunctional item, it can serve not only during the beautiful stage of waiting for a new family member but also after the baby arrives. But for the product to stay useful for a long time, there’s a couple of important things that future mothers should know before buying a pillow. Today we will focus on the filling - which one would be best?

Traditional pillow base for pregnant women 

The majority of pregnancy pillow models are filled with polystyrene balls. While this type of pillow is light and fits the body well, it has several drawbacks coming from it being a budget solution. First, the plastic balls inside the pillow wear out quickly, and what’s also troublesome, heat up quickly as well. Thus, it will be difficult to ensure proper air circulation while using the pillow with a polystyrene filling. Polystyrene pillows are also quite noisy, so they won’t work for women who are sensitive to noises - especially during the night, the creaking sounds of a polystyrene pillow might be distracting enough to cause problems with falling asleep.

Natural fillings - feathers, buckwheat 

A slightly more expensive but fully ecological alternative to polystyrene balls are natural fillings for a pregnancy pillow, such as feathers or buckwheat. The problem with animal feathers filling (usually goose or duck ones) is that they might cause allergies which might appear as breathing problems or other types of allergies. Buckwheat, meanwhile, while certainly being a better solution than polystyrene balls, is a pretty hard material, and too much of it in a pillow might cause discomfort and problems with properly positioning the body during sleep.

Silicone filling - a mix of comfort, durability, and functionality

The best type of pregnancy pillow filling would be an extremely durable and anti-allergic silicone material, also known as ECO-FILLBALL. This certified synthetic fiber has both high flexibility but also resistance, which means we don’t have to worry about the pillow wearing out too soon, as might be the case with polystyrene. What’s more, pregnancy pillows filled with silicone balls are both soft and fluffy but can also provide excellent airflow, meaning they won’t absorb odors or moisture. That also helps in keeping the pillow protected against the development of various microorganisms inside it. 

When choosing the right model of a pregnancy pillow, looking at the filling is one of the most important things to follow. Rather than pick a cheap model that might fulfill the task but not entirely, it’s better to invest in a high-quality product that will serve us for years.

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