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Twins secure indoor swing Light grey


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Twins are a double joy, but also the need to collect a double layette. At Guguplanet we focus on making parents' lives easier, which is why we offer them a swing created especially for twins. One product, but twice the fun! We know the importance of play in the child's development. That is why our swing was created by the essence of safety. Due to its high load, the product is also suitable for siblings of a similar age.

Product specification:

  • Maximum load: 30 kg
  • Seat dimensions: 73 x 28 x 35 cm
  • Equipped with safety belts
  • Frame material: wood
  • Seat material: quilted velvet fabric
  • Strong cotton ropes
  • Ropes length: 180 cm (we can adjust the rope's length to your needs)
  • Product to be used under adult supervision
  • Hooks are included
  • Made in Poland

The Guguplanet twins swing - good fun in a double dose!
Supporting overall physical development is a priority for parents who want their children to spend time actively and safely. Our twins swing is a double joy, which will encourage children to get some exercise both outdoors, for example on the terrace, and at home. The use of certified materials contributes to the fact that the product is solid, and at the same time health-friendly for the youngest. It is also worth paying attention to the additional insert, intended for smaller children. The insert supports the baby's stable position, and the possibility of its removal means that the twins swing will stay in your home for longer - even until your kids are three years old!

Safe rocking, development support and unchallenged design
The structure of the Guguplanet twins swing does not burden the child's spine or pelvis, but contributes to the habit of maintaining the proper body position. Our product supports motor coordination and improves balance. What's more, the gentle rocking not only keeps your baby occupied for a while, but also calms him down. We know that products designed with children in mind should serve toddlers, but also match the tastes of adults. Our twins swing is characterized by subtle versatility - wood will complement any arrangement, and the wide range of seat designs means that parents will certainly adapt something to their individual preferences. To complete this stylish product, we added charming ears and tassels, which made the finish of the swing extremely elegant.

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