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Wooden board swing Beige

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Having your swing at home or in the garden is a dream for many children. Now you can help them make this dream come true in a very stylish way!
Our child wooden swings are not only a great fun incentive but also a stylish decoration. Their impregnated wood is covered with a dirt-resistant seat. The waterproof material allows you to use the product on the terrace or in a garden.
Hardy cotton ropes ensure the safety of a kids wooden swing. Its load capacity is up to 75 kg.

Product specification:

  • maximum load up to 75 kg,
  • seat dimensions: 60x25x5,5 (width x length x height)
  • ropes lenght: 180 cm (we can adjust ropes lenght to your needs)
  • seat materials: wood and waterproof fabric
  • hardy cotton ropes
  • made in Poland

Wooden kids swing in a garden – why is it a good idea?
Most people equate swinging with simply having fun. We agree with this theory, but a wooden swing for children brings much more positive benefits than just having fun.

Fresh air prevents diseases and improves concentration
Our wooden kids' swing is waterproof and UV resistant. Thus it can be a permanent decoration of a garden or terrace, which will effectively encourage the youngest to spend time outdoors. Such activity positively affects the oxygenation of the body, which supports immunity and improves concentration.

Improving coordination and concentration
The wooden kids swing effectively encourages the youngest to exercise. It is a great idea to detach the youngest from the computer or phone screen.
Swinging is a pleasant physical activity for children, during which they unconsciously learn to coordinate and maintain balance.

Helpful in sensory integration
Swinging has a positive effect on sensory integration, i.e. connecting the senses. It is crucial for the proper development of a toddler. Children with sensory integration disorders often have problems with hypersensitivity or inadequate response to external stimuli. A wooden kids swing at home or in the garden can significantly improve the integration of the senses and positively affect kids' development.