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Waterproof secure baby swing Light Grey

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The waterproof secure baby swing is a product that we have created for the youngest. Toddlers are not very good at holding their muscles while swinging, which with classic solutions may end in a painful fall. Our product has solutions that minimize the risk of hazardous situations.

A secure swing for children ensures fun for the youngest and peace of mind for parents.

Product specification:

  • maximum load up to 20 kg,
  • product intended for children over six months of age
  • equipped with safety belts
  • waterproof fabric
  • dirt-resistant- easy to clean
  • seat dimensions: 35 x 35 x 45 cm (width x length x height)
  • ropes length: 180 cm (we can adjust the rope's length to your needs)
  • frame material: wood
  • seat made of reinforced waterproof fabric
  • hardy cotton ropes
  • made in Poland


The highest quality of security

Our product has solutions that ensure the highest quality of safety while playing. The safety belts and high backrest prevent falling out of the swing's basket during play.
Strong cotton ropes and two solid metal hoops ensure a secure assembly.

Dirt-resistant and waterproof
As often happens with children, dirt appears everywhere that only a toddler can reach with his hands. That is why our secure swing for children is made of a dirt-resistant material. When any "failure" occurs, you should only wipe its surface with a damp cloth.
The material is also waterproof -resistant. You can hang it at home, in the garden or terrace without worrying about its appearance.

Available in various colours
At guguplanet, we want to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, which is why our swing is available in many colours. Thanks to this, you can easily adjust it to your arrangements.

ATTENTION: Children may only use the swings under adult supervision.