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Newborn hanging cradle Dark Blue


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A newborn is accustomed to the calming side-to-side swaying he remembers perfectly well from his fetal life. As soon as the baby is born though, the belly cradling has to be replaced by parents' arms. To allow caregivers to take a moment of relief, we created the Guguplanet baby cradle swing, which can ensure a deep and safe sleep for the baby.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 32 cm
  • Maximum weight limit : 15 kg
  • Fabric: hypoallergenic cotton and velvet
  • Frame: high-quality wood
  • Suspension: cotton ropes
  • Note: This product is suitable for a baby from 0 to 6 months. It should be used only under adult supervision
  • Hooks are included

What are the benefits of rocking newborns and infants?
Most infants welcome being rocked in the first moments of their lives. But it’s not only about giving them a sense of security - rocking is essential for the baby’s development. Rhythmic cradling also stimulates the baby’s nervous system and helps with child's intellectual development. In addition, stable rocking provides a sense of security and allows the baby to become aware of his body, as well as sharpens his senses.

Taking all these factors into consideration Guguplanet cradle swing becomes the must-have for the newborn and his parents.

Utility combined with the smart design
The perfect cradle swing for babies is not only functional, but also match any interior - this thought guided us while creating the Guguplanet cradle swing. Solid cotton ropes, on which the cradle can be attached, will bring a natural atmosphere into every interior, warming any bedroom, living room or children's room.

The neutral colors will go along with accessories for girls and elements of the layette for boys. What's more, the quality of the product makes the Guguplanet cradle swing suitable not only for the first baby, but also for its future siblings.

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