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Changing mat - Little Friends Pink

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Changing a newborn and a baby is an activity that parents undertake several times a day. Make it easier by purchasing the highly functional yet designer guguplanet changing mat, which will match the rest of your little one's layette accessories.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 48x68 cm
  • Material and filling waterproof
  • Made in Poland
  • It fits the popular changing unit model from Ikea shop

Unquestionable functionality hidden in minimalism
It may seem that the changing mat is a rather prosaic product. But you would be wrong - the guguplanet changing mat is a highly functional accessory that makes it easy to change your baby anywhere. Due to the fact that the product takes up very little space when rolled up, it can be used not only at home, but also at a friend's house or in a public toilet, ensuring hygienic changing conditions for the baby.
The functionality is also ensured by the waterproof material, which makes it easy to clean, and the soft filling, which ensures the comfort of changing the baby. The guguplanet changing mat is also synonymous with design - we make sure that our products are consistent with other proposals that you can find in the shop.