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Ways to have fun at home in winter. How to organize a babies time at home? - guguplanet

Ways to have fun at home in winter. How to organize a babies time at home?

The winter season is a time of increased creativity among parents who have to deal with never-ending amounts of energy of few-year-olds. Leaving the children to choose an activity themselves might end up in them getting ideas that not only won't be accepted by their guardians but also endanger their safety. However, there are some handy activities that will both give the children engaging and safe entertainment while providing the parents with a moment of rest. What exactly are we talking about?

Pool with balls - good for physical activity

Wintertime severely limits our outdoor activities. Cold but humid weather is not really suitable for winter sports such as ice skating or sledding. But too little regular movement and contact with nature don't have a good effect on adults and children's well-being. How can we support their psychological and physical development in this freezing period while providing safe and careless playtime?

A great way to use up children's energy is by using a dry pool with balls. This way, we can encourage children to have regular physical activity, which will improve their health, while also supporting their sensory integration.

A significant advantage of the pool with balls is that it can be adjusted to the individual buyer's needs. Depending on our personal preferences and the size of the area we plan to use, we can choose a round or rectangular pool. Another advantage of the pool with balls for children is a large variety of the balls' colors - we can choose from subdued grays and roses worthy of princesses or knightly blues. Buyers can also decide on the shade of the pool filling, i.e., the balls.

Another thing that we should pay attention to is the depth and the flexibility of the pool with balls - typically, forty-centimeter walls which are made of non-toxic sponge and covered with cotton, are incredibly flexible. They will easily bend under the child's weight and then return to their original shape, while not provoking a child to do a potentially dangerous jump inside.

Fun that can connect generations

A ball pool is a great entertainment source that will encourage both toddlers and babies over six months of age to play together but can also be used as a fun activity for school children. The dry pool with balls is also quite likely to become a favorite playtime place for the youngest and slightly older family members.

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