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Should you rock the baby? - guguplanet

Should you rock the baby?

Young parents are often afraid of rocking and carrying the newborn babies, believing that they might have problems later when the baby gets too used to it. But looking at the situation from the perspective of a tiny human coming into the world, he knows only carrying and rocking. During the first nine months of its life, the baby got used to the cradling rhythm of mom's steps, so after birth, the same gentle movement has a soothing effect on babies. Rocking reminds them of the conditions they had not so long ago and become used to, giving them a sense of security. That means that a rocked baby is not only calmer but also falls asleep faster.

Carrying, rocking, and swinging (as long as it's done reasonably) has only benefits. First, don't be afraid to hold your newborn baby in your arms. A parent's arms are the only cradle for a child that can also build a strong emotional relationship. Thanks to the body heat, the familiar smell, and gentle movements, the baby gets used to the new, big world. What's more, rocking has more advantages that you might not be aware of: it strengthens tiny muscles and develops the baby's brain, especially their sense of balance, motor coordination, and spatial imagination. Interestingly, rocking can also positively affect the development of speech and hearing.

However, the rocking must be gentle and gentle, only then will it be beneficial for the baby! Cradling has many benefits for parents as well. The thing is, our hands and arms sometimes need to rest or do something other than rocking the baby. Thankfully, there are plenty of devices and accessories on the market that helps take care of a baby - the baby is safely and gently rocked, while the parent has a moment for himself.

Rocking chairs, rockers, hammocks... but most of all, cradles for babies. Our grandmothers already knew the various advantages of gently rocking a toddler. There are multiple types of cradles on the market: from classic (wooden and wicker) to Moses baskets and modern electric cradles. Some baby cots also have a rocking function, but they might not fit in the bedroom. The solution might be to pick a cradle suspended from the ceiling and positioned next to the parents' bed - it is beautiful and convenient. Its aesthetic and uses of subdued colors will fit into any bedroom interior and are very convenient to use, both for the parents and the baby. The parents only need to stretch out their hand to rock the baby cradle at any time of the day or night.


A cradle for babies offers all the benefits of rocking and a night of peaceful and healthy sleep for your baby. During the first six months of a baby's life, it will be irreplaceable, reminding him of the prenatal conditions. So we should rock our babies on our hands, in a cradle or a pram. The most important thing is to rock gently and sensibly, and nature will take care of the rest.

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